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October, 10th 2k7
Ahh, erm, yes. It was quite a long time which it took to complete the shoutbox system, but ... I am absolutely happy and satisfied with it. So please leave a message. It is appreciated. Thanks for some help must go to Raphael and Paddy.

June, 3rd 2k7
Again some work in the backgrund. The html files have been replaced with php ones, as the site gets a technical redesign in php, which make the administration of this site much easier. Am also working on the shoutbox system at the moment, which makes it clear to me, that I havent spend time with php for years. But it's coming and rolling on.

May, 17th 2k7
Several updates within the last week. The opening page has been reworked again, now it fits better and looks quite more better. Also a big update inside the downloads section. Several useful tools have been added.

May, 10th 2k7
Nothing special, but something has been done ;-)

May, 7th 2k7
The start screen has been reworked, the reconstruction status has been removed and the final logo state has been published. The tutorials section has been closed and the shoutbox system has been started (in the background). You see, it's going on.

May, 6th 2k7
Added a fusion logo, one of my beloved groups on c64. I decided to close the tutorials section, as there's nothing been added for years, just old tut's by me. They will be send to the downloads section so they will not get lost. I plan to implement a a shoutbox system instead of the tutorials section. The designated picture has also been chosen and updated right now.

April, 30th 2k7
A lot has been redone now. The imprint has been updated with a german Haftungsausschluss, more logos were added, the downloadsection has been reworked and the about section has begun to become written. See it, read it, enjoy!

April, 28th 2k7
Found out that blogging is not my waste of time and so after nearly two years of unsuccesfull blogging I decided to reactivate the old site and design. Some things can be improved and will be improved. Web 2.0 is out. Not always new is better. Sometimes the old is better. Think of old friends, it is really always a warm come together, seeing to have one or more chapters in the past you spent together, where you still think about and still earn from that nice times. Spoke my old scene pal Sphinx/DG this evening on irc after one and a half years of discontact. It was a nice chat and cool too. Ok, i will start to improve this site now asap and we will see what the time being is going to bring. Have a nice weekend. Best regards, RaS.

July, 30th 2k5
On the left border you see a new link, which will bring you to the wedding galleries <> albums.

July, 8th 2k5
I married my girl Svenja this summer. It was a wonderful day and a nice party. Thank you to our families, our friends, our neighbours, our colleagues, all participants and those who minded us. Thank you ... Hugs and kisses, Svenja & Fred

March, 28th 2k5
We got the second place at Breakpoint 2005 in the 96k game competition. Blaster - Fist of Fire has been released by Tristar. Get it in the download section.

January, 15th 2k5
Well some updates have been done over the last months. I dont want to mention them all, it's mostly some tools in the download section. A major update has been in the graphics section, the gallery has been redesigned and all pictures shown are uploaded.

September, 7th 2k4
Added Outlook Express Freebie Backup v2.9 to the Freeware section. Nice tiny tool for backing up all your mail, setiings and accounts up to OE v6.

September, 6th 2k4
Ooops! I found out that the GBA Demo I provided for download was an absolute early beta stadium. Now you are able to get the real one. Sorry for that ...

August, 28th 2k4
I quitted my ISP contrct, to get the php thing running on this site.

August, 21st 2k4
I joined Tristar to have a new family. I think we will get things going, it looks promising.

August 19th 2k4
My former Scenecrew Danish Gold retired. They stopped all activity since lack of active members.

July, 15th 2k4
Added two new subsections into the graphics one. It now also includes wallpapers and flash. Have to go through my stuff to get something worth showing it.

July, 11th 2k4
Added some links in the link section and added another tutorial.

July, 10th 2k4
Converted some tutorials from MS Word to PDF to make it more comfortable for non windows users to read and to print them. I also added a SCSI tutorial and placed the first flash commercial intros i did back in 2002 into the graphics section. The site is growing and becomes more and more better. Enjoy ...

July, 4th 2k4
Big update in the links section. Replaced some of the graphics with better ones.

June, 21st 2k4
Added three more logos in the graphics section.

June, 2nd 2k4
Added the Papillons mobile stuff to the download section..

March, 22nd 2k4
Opened the tutorials section.

March, 19th 2k4
Added some more thumbnails in the graphics section and also the pictures for those thumbs. The head graphics for tutorials is done, needs content. Just one head gfx left to be done. First additions in the download section took place.

March, 16th 2k4
Added the downloads section. Filled it with some usefull stuff. Began to build the thumbnails for the graphics site. One thumb is up. When I have done about 20 thumbs, I will link them with the pics. Also activated the links for the tutorials and the about section. There's no content at the moment. Patience ...

March, 14th 2k4
As I already started the first three sites, I decided to use the under construction picture as site forwarder. So you visitors could see, that something is going on in the background. Created the imprint today. Have to get a gfx for its header. Humm, what could I use for that category. I don't know right now.

March, 13th 2k4
The sections graphics and links got their head gfx done. First links were added to my alltime favourites.

March, 12th 2k4
Added a footer bar containing a #top link to the site, to make it more browsefriendly. Will do some background gfx this evening for the different categories. Keywords are almost done. I hate it to advertise myself, but who cares? I also think about some of my old experiments in Flash. There were some stunning fx created, which I also want to show the public. I think i will add them to the download section.

March, 11th 2k4
The new design for my homie is born. I can't wait to see the whole site completed. I think this time this site will become nearly complete, cuz I really like the whole design. So stay patient, as I do.