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Personal background:
Born in June 1974 I grew up in Recklinghausen, Germany. Recklinghausen is still my home town. Until I was six years old we lived in an area called Hillerheide. Then we moved to southern Recklinghausen, right next to a large park areal called Südpark (southpark). Now, I live in Recklinghausen city, where me Fred, my wife Svenja and our little daughter Marieke Wehmeyer are living.

My little family:
Found my luck with Svenja, in 1998 when I was in military alternative service. We were wedded on july the 8th 2005 and on september, 14th 2005 our little sunshine Marieke was born. Marieke became christened in april 2006.

Logos / Clanlogos / Grouplogos / Demologos
Logos are getting more and more attention in the online world and gaming communities. Demoscene parties as well as gaming parties are a place where you can find them in intros and demos as well as desktop wallpapers, t-shirt designs, flags and huge posters.

A website without a logo, lettering or symbol which represents the demogroup or clan is no more imaginable. Those logos are also used to find new members, an online survey back in 2006 proved that clans are also chosen by the logo quality and logo attraction.